A little About Me

why I love design

sarah henshaw portrait

Hi, I’m Sarah, I’m the Graphic Designer behind That Little Bird. I love to work with talented creatives and help their vision come to life. Being confident in your visual identity is so important as is the right impression. Your visual idenity should be strategic and cohesive across all areas of your brand. This is why your graphics should not only be beautiful but intentional as well. Being creative has always been a part of my life, a desire to make things and watch an idea come to life. The challenge of taking a concept and combining all the elements to make a whole. Design allows me to do this.

It’s the sum of the details that conveys the story.

that little bird inspiration board

I graduated with a bachelor of design from the University of Newcastle almost 20 years ago. Since then I’ve been fortunate to work with amazing creatives in various industries. Each person’s story woven with mine to create the knowledge and skills I use today. I’m ‘That Little Bird’ (what mum used to call me when I was a baby), a girl with a passion for creativity, taking pictures and putting them all together. Maker of things, collector of quotes and epic list writer. A hopeless romantic who always reads the book before watching the movie. Constantly searching for meaning and helping others where I can. Thats my story. I would love to hear yours.